EduBlog: Problem-Solving Measurement

Check out this awesome blog, Kindergarten..Kindergarten!

It is a blog run by Kathryn, a kindergarten teacher in Texas. She provides lesson samples, classroom hacks, and room design ideas in a friendly, bubbly way. She has all the different subjects (math, science, reading, writing, etc.) organized neatly along the right sidebar.

Under her “Math” page, I found a handy little post  (Kathryn, 2012). where she discusses a sample length measurement unit that she likes to use. She walks us through a 10-day (2-week) lesson plan that slowly builds children’s knowledge of length measurement. She is a big advocate for non-standard measurement, and believes it should be the sole units of measurement used throughout the years of kindergarten. She explains that non-standard measurement give children the building blocks they need to make sense of standard measuring units later on.

As the page is called, “Problem-Solving Measurement”, she begins her lessons with a problem that requires the children to explore what they already know about measurement and investigate ways to solve the problem. She provides examples of open-ended questions she asks, which are very helpful in encouraging the children to solve the problem on their own and not just be told the answer.

What I like about her lesson plans is the simplicity they bring to helping children understand measurement, as well as creating concrete activities using the objects in their immediate surrounding. I also like how interactive they are; she talks a lot about how they have discussions before, during, and after the lessons, which I think can be beneficial because they can help the children make sense of what they are discovering and learning as they go, rather than recalling all of the discoveries at the end.


Kathryn. (2012, June 13). Math problem solving: Measurement—Length [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://www.kindergartenkindergarten.



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