Book: Measuring Penny

Measuring Penny is a book written by Loreen Leedy, and tells a wonderful story of a little girl named Lisa who has an assignment to do for school where she has to measure and compare things around her house. She spends time thinking about what to measure until it hits her: her dog Penny is the perfect thing to measure.

Photo source:

Lisa and Penny head over to the park and Lisa begins measuring Penny, from nose to tail. She uses standard and non-standard units of measurement to see how Penny measures up to different types of dogs.

This story could be used in the classroom to inspire the children’s curiosities about the measurements of objects and people in their own lives. Since the book also explicitly talks about both types of measurement, children are able to see a visual representation of the non-standard measurement concept reiterated in a fun book.


Leedy, L. (2000, September 1). Measuring Penny. New York: Macmillan. (Original work published 1998)


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