Article: Foundations for Numeracy

The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network published Foundations for Numeracy: An Evidence-based Toolkit for Early Learning Practitioners in 2010 and it is a great resource for educators. It covers all mathematical topics that are taught in the early years, and discusses math development in newborns all the way through to 6-year-olds.

The toolkit contains the following sections:

  • research
  • ages and stages of numeracy development
  • math-rich environment
  • activity cards
  • resources for practitioners
  • government resources

The research review section has short sections about each topic, but they cover all the main information and provide many subcategories to each topic. They also provide information about ways to help ease children who have reservations about math into the lessons so they are engaged.

Within the ages and stages of numeracy development, the authors pinpoint milestones in the development of measurement knowledge at each age, which can be taken with a grain of salt as not all children develop uniformly. It is to be used as a guideline for assessment and lesson planning, rather than a concrete rate of development.

The activity cards offer one game idea for each math category, and includes instructions and benefits of each game. They are also conveniently formatted to be cut out and folded into a card that can be kept for years to come.


This document can be found on the resources page on the Early Years Education Ontario website. This website is another great resource for educators, and includes information about upcoming workshops, research articles, and research-to-practice activities.


The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network. (2010). Foundations for numeracy: An evidence-based toolkit for early learning practitioners [PDF Document]. Retrieved from



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