Practical Guide to Teaching Non-Standard Measurement

The following is a practical guide of strategies I have created for educators that can be used in the classroom. It includes strategies for 10 distinct areas that may cause some difficulties while teaching. The goal of this guide is to provide educators with strategies that will lead to a smoother, more meaningful, and more enjoyable… Continue reading Practical Guide to Teaching Non-Standard Measurement

Article: Foundations for Numeracy

The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network published Foundations for Numeracy: An Evidence-based Toolkit for Early Learning Practitioners in 2010 and it is a great resource for educators. It covers all mathematical topics that are taught in the early years, and discusses math development in newborns all the way through to 6-year-olds. The toolkit contains the… Continue reading Article: Foundations for Numeracy

EduBlog: Problem-Solving Measurement

Check out this awesome blog, Kindergarten..Kindergarten! It is a blog run by Kathryn, a kindergarten teacher in Texas. She provides lesson samples, classroom hacks, and room design ideas in a friendly, bubbly way. She has all the different subjects (math, science, reading, writing, etc.) organized neatly along the right sidebar. Under her “Math” page, I found… Continue reading EduBlog: Problem-Solving Measurement

Video: Sid the Science Kid: Exploring Measurement

Sid the Science Kid is a children’s television show created by Jim Henson that airs on PBS Kids out of the U.S. It deals with a lot of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics, and helps children learn in fun and engaging ways. In this video (Jim Henson, 2015) Sid and friends are learning about non-standard measurement. Sid’s… Continue reading Video: Sid the Science Kid: Exploring Measurement